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Here is a small selection from my bookshelf with short notes.

Douglas Addams

The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Narrates about Arthur Dent, a poor guy who has to leave earth very quickly because earth is blown away to make room for a hyperspace highway. It is also about Ford Prefect, an intergalactic hitchhiker. On their way they meet a two-headed spacecraft commander, planet-sized computers and offended robots. At the end of the last book they find the one and only answer of life and the according question.

The continuation

Dirk Gentlys holistic detective agency
It is about dirk Gently, a detective with "holistic" methods and an electric friar.

Last chance to see ..
It is no novel like the other books but a description of some of his journeys. The journey at the research of dieing out animals and therefor the last chance to see ..

Further books:

Terry Pratchett


The carpet people

The discworld novels
Nevertheless it IS flat! These books are about a world, flat like a disk and an edge you can fall over.
Born by four giant elephants on top of an even more giant turtle floating through outer space.

On this world you can find all you need for good fantasy: witches, sorcerers, assassins and of course DEATH.

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last modified: May 4. 1998