My links

[D Flagge, deutsche Version] (fast) das selbe in Deutsch

Search engines

[GB] AltaVista (text-only) No pics, no adverts, fast load
[GB] FTP search  
[GB] Yahoo!  
[D] Yahoo! Germany  
[D] Web.De  
[D] german meta search engine  

Sites for sucking software

[GB] Welcome to  
[GB] OS/2"Must-Have" Utilities and FTP Links  
[D] LEO software archive  
[GB] Walnut Creek CDROM (Hobbes)  
[GB] Boxer Text Editors - Home Page One of the best (textmode-)editors for DOS and OS/2

Web browsers

[Download Digicrime Internet Extorter ;-) ] [Download Netscape Naviagator] [Download Lynx] [Download Amaya] [Don't download Microsoft Explorer]
[peeking mozilla]

Online magazines

[D] Linux Magazin  
[D] Greenpeace Online (Germany)  
[D] Heise Newsticker  
[D] Heise telepolis  
[D] Das deutsche Netzwetter  

The discworld

My favourite books: the discworld novels from Terry Pratchett.
[D] Scheibenwelt
[D] Discworld 
[GB] Discworld Monthly
[GB] L-Space


Linux  [cute little pinguin]

[D] LEO LEO in munich: lots of unix, linux OS/2 related stuff
[GB] One of the largest Linux archives 
[GB] Linux Online
[D] Lunetix Good online book about Linux 
[D] Linux Magazin German Linux magazine
[D] Linux Resources(TM)  
[D] Linux Online - The Linux Home Page  
[D] LinuxHQ  
[D] Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.1/27)  
[D] Air Captiol Linux Users Group  
[D] KDE The K Desktop project
[D] The Official WindowMaker HomePage!  
[D] S.u.S.E. GmbH Where I have my distribution from
[GB] Troll Tech Freely available class lib Qt (it is free just for X-Window systems)
[GB] Qt Architect Dialog editor for Qt


[GB] Team OS/2  
[GB] Team OS/2 Online  
[GB] OS/2 Warp on the 'Net, Help, Programming  

SGML, HTML, Java, JavaScript

[D] SelfHTML online Introduction in and discription of HTML
[GB] Netscape HTML Reference Guide  
[GB] JavaScript Authoring Guide (Netscape)  
[D] Rick's JavaScript Café  
[GB] JavaSoft Home Page  
[GB] The Common Gateway Interface CGI  
[GB] "gentle" introduction into SGML  
[GB] Public SGML Software  
[GB] BOBBY Checks html compatibility of sites
[GB] Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer  
[GB] Kindler Validator  
[D] Any Browser Kampanie German translation of original text

Programming C++

[GB] Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide  
[GB] C/C++ Users Group (CUG) Home Page  
[GB] Standard Template Library (Musser)  
[GB] Safe STL  


[GB] All About GIF89a  
[GB] The JPEG Playground  
[D] Wotsit File Format Collection  

Internet and security

[D] Pascal's header echo Shows info transmited by your browser to web servers
[GB] DigiCrime About things, which might happen while surfing the net ..



[GB] The Tao Of Backup  
[D] Downloadslave - reduce online costs  

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