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All programms on this site are freely available as source files. My own can be downloaded directly from here. Those from others are just linked.
Most of this stuff is platform independent because it is just in text mode.

Here are some of my own programms


Transforms simply coded ascii text into html or latex. Support for Robodoc is also available. Should compile and run on any system (text mode app).
I also worked on an improved version for latex but I had difficulties to nest tables and lists.
The zipped c-source is approx. 55k in size.

Generates html index files out of Robodoc tags. Simple text mode app, so should compile and run everywhere (except on coffee machines ;-).
The zipped c source (approx. 80k) contains also my modified version of Robodoc.

[KDE now]

Ordinary command line tool without graphical interface which converts Netscape bookmarkfiles into a directory structure used by kfm (filemanager in KDE).
It is installed in the K-menu under "Internet" ready to click (at least on my machine :-).

It makes intensive use of James Clark's xml library EXPAT which is included in an older version. See README.

The tar'ed c source is approx. 120k. The according LSM is also available.


Graphical tool to help me improve my english vocabulary. Read more about it in its online help

The compressed sources on the KDE-Server are approx. 250k. The according LSM is also available.

These I have modified to suit my needs


  Can generate documention in different formats (html, latex, ..) from comment chunk embedded in source files (Pascal, C, C++, Basic, ..).
Simple text mode app, should compile and run on any system.

There is more info about literate programming with Robodoc available.
Maybe you want to learn more about literate programming in common in a newsgroup.


Keeps cookies and unwanted advert banners away from your browser. My modified version returns an icon instead an error messages to avoid crippled pages.
If you want to add my modification, send me a mail. Because of possibly legal problems this feature will probably never be officially included.
Can also be compiled for OS/2 though not mentioned.

The following programms I use "as is"


Caches pages while online for later review when offline. Also allows automated download of complete webtrees and also periodically watches webpages. Needs a UNIX (=Linux!) system

One of the variousWeb programms. Has nothing to do with the World-Wide-Web, but is a style of programming. This will be very unusual to most programmers: instead of putting more or less comments into your source, you include the programming statements in discriptive text. The web application will then extract the statements which may be compiled as usual.
Can generate latex and html files.

BTW, this programm can also be "misused" to generate files from templates, e.g. uniform headers and footers in web pages (just like mine :-).

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last modified: May 2. 1999